April 06, 2013

for a moment,

Assalamualaikum and konichiwa everyone.

Long time me no writing here, haha, ayat inversi ke ape tu?

okey, regarding the post title tu is actually how i am always became temenung memikirkan how one person can be someone who you can trust as a friend in a minute and suddenly somehow became someone most wanted who made such terrible lies in another,

and then, aku telah menyaksikan sesuatu perkara dimane how you must really be careful to whom you chose to put your trust in, i mean sometimes you just met that one person and you became friends, and then you feel like the person is actually the right person for you to believe in holding your secrets, but then actually you are just really early to judge. and you were wrong about that person, but you didn't even know. hmm...

so, serabut kepale otak  memikirkan bende2 cenggini. cube untuk tak nak pikir pon, die datang dengan sendirinye. if you are the person who knew about one of your not so close friends is being stab by their close friend, would you or should you be the one who tell them? eeeerrrgghh. confuse in making such decision. and then aku pon akan tinggalkan matter ini begitu saje. -_- series? okay, whatever. let it be lah.

btw, my phone somewhat rosak, skrin dier dah tak munculkan diri. :'(  sangat sedih.. sob sob.. i think i will go to reapir it kot, but then i have to wait for my gaji. -_-' pastu takut nanti tak worth it. tapi rasenyer wort it kot. huh, ontahlah. kite tunggu dapat money dulu baru kite talk. no money no talk. -_-

okay. so..tetibe macam takde point je celoteh bende merepek kat blog ni. but then, nevamind.

till then people,
cheerioo, ^___^

March 16, 2013

a lot to tell,


Heyyo people!!!!!

:D OMAGOSHHHHH...lama giler tak mencoret di blog tercinte. Erkkk. -_-, tercinte la sangat. Hehehehee,

Selalunye kite akan cakap Salam and Konichiwa everyone.. tapi disebabkan dah lame tak menulis kat sini dah jadi mcam pelik pulak nak tulis sebegitu rupa.

Percaye tak? Kite buzz buzz la skarang. I have landed a joooobbbbb. Well, for fun je. my beloved sista yang make me and with a little help of push from makcik erina, maka I landed the job. THE JOB. To those yang tahu where I work tahu lah. Mane yg tak tau, tak paaaaayyaaahhhhh la nak tahu.... Hehehehehee,

Okay. enough la cerite pasai work ni. It's a boring and most frustrating subject ever. It's worst than SPM. Haha. Oke, kidding. Nowadays selalu rindu kat makcik Erina kiter.. yelah mane taknye. So long time tak jumpe.... She's working, I'm working... -__- tengok ayat poyo dah kuar. we are busy working. Eee, don't like that statement.

Okey okey. Change topic please...

So. Mgape sekarang iaitu hari ini, saat ini aku bisa mencoret di sini, adalah kerana guer esok cutiii.... yehuuu.. So excited. Macam2 perancangan dah ader dlm otak. Nak kemas bilik, nak main ngan my cat, Abu. I want to go meet my bestie makcik Erina..eh, a lot of things la nak buat. Ee, macam mak nenek pulak bercerite. Conclusionnye there's a lot of perancangan yang I already do inside my head. :)

So, kalau ade yang membace post ni, mesti mungkin ader yg mcm, apehal minah ni? Dah tak ade cerite lain nak cerite ker? Sape la nak tau ape yang dier nak buat. -_- kan? So, sarirah takde any informative story ka?
hem.... actually mcm takder. hehe ^_^

hehe, okelah.
that is all. Cheerioo

*isi cerita tak a lot pon mcm diberi tajok. -_- hahaa.

January 09, 2013


Salam and Konichiwa people,

Feeling a little bit of mixed up. So, I open the computer, and starting to find quotes that somewhat make me smile. :)

*source are all from Google images, ^_^

i'm working on it, -_-


so true. 

that so me. -_-

especially on bio test
-_-, have to change this kind of attitude

oh yeah. exactly what I'm feeling right now. 

miss my friends so much. :'(

Cheerio people,